The house is the mirror of our life, modeled according to the customer lifestyle. The house becomes a shelter, beauty and wellness source every day of our life. I love to create it with passion and professionalism for each customer that really needs a tailored house to make it unique.



I was born on the 15 January 1968 in Pisa (Tuscany) and since I was a young I have had a natural instinct for art. I attended the Institute of Art with minors in Architecture and Furnishing, the first 3 years in Pisa and the last 2 years in Florence, were where I received my diploma with a vote of 97/100. From September 1987 I collaborated for 10 years with the “Pucci Saoro” Company In Florence, as Interior decorator, I created furnishing projects and then furniture with the majority being “custom made”. My main experience during those years was basically related to design of executive plans, material choices, manufacturing assistance and commissioning of works. From February 1997 until May 2009, I collaborated as Interiors Architect with the “Ferruccio Frascari Spa”, a company, located in Bologna, in which I was in charge to design the architectural typologies of the apartments, customer assistance for the sale until the completion and delivery, including some “turnkey” jobs.
In the meantime I took care of the design of 33 apartments interiors for the “Calderini Costruzioni” Company, from the selling phase to its final delivery.
I designed the interior project for the “Fresko’” ice-cream bar and the “Esedra“ bar (located just outside Bologna).
In addition I collaborated with the “Giorgio Pes” office’s located in Rome, with regard to the design of a luxury villas and resort located in Libya, which I was directly involved as customer care representative and construction site care, during the preliminary construction phase.

Meridiana Gold-179

From July 2010 I was working as Interior Architect with the “C.I.I.C.A.I.” company located just outside Bologna, who is a leader in the field of bathroom fixtures. During which I was involved in a very specialized sector, the “home at 360 degrees”, which I developed a relationship with private customers and with two important enterprises of local constructions. I closely worked with such enterprises to promote the “complete package” concept, considered to be a winning approach, in combination with architectural typologies review and customer care. Moreover it was realized the need for a sample apartment to support the “complete package” concept and service, by allowing the potential customers look at it as a reference.
Today I’m more and more committed and deeply motivate, by love and passion that step by step have perfected my style. Thanks to the experience and the huge satisfactions every day I receive, I would apply my professional approach to create the “custom tailored home“, an expression of the most intimate customer experience.